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Batang Comradeship Program

Our programs are divided into five components:

(1) Batang Matalino (intelligent)

(2) Batang Magalang(respectful)

(3) Batang Ligtas (safe)

(4) Batang Malusog (healthy)

(5) Batang Masayahin (happy)

These components are called BATANG COMRADESHIP. Projects/campaigns are designed according to the indicators of each component.

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Comradeship ph Batang Magalang

Batang Magalang


This component enriches the holistic learning of each child and has the desire to contribute to the betterment of humanity.


1. Number of children attended the weekly sessions on Values formation and spiritual development.

2. Reduced bullying cases/incidents in school.


1. Compiled handbook on Values Formation and Spiritual Development.

2. Anti Bullying Awareness Campaign.

Comradeship ph Batang Malusog

Batang Malusog


Children acquire an adequate food. This indicator encompasses an essential aspect of food and nutrition. The food sufficiency, low income families struggle to feed their children with adequate diets in their quality or quantity. This has implications for their learning.


  • No. of women attended the sessions on the importance of breastfeeding.
  • No.of mothers completed the training on FAITH (Food Always IThe Home).
  • No.of children consuming breakfast and lunch at least 5 days per week.


  • Feeding Program
  • Sessions on the Importance of Breastfeeding
  • Sessions on Healthy Eatin


Comradeship ph Batang Masayahin

Batang Masayahin


Children’s exposure to play has positive outcomes on their holistic development and healthy growth.


  • Participation in sports and play-based learning opportunities.
  • Number of play and recreational programs.
  • Range of facilities for play and recreation that accommodate a spectrum of community needs and choices.


  • Toy Library with complete set of toys.
  • Sports Events and Family Day.
  • Play-based activities
Comradeship ph Batang Matalino

Batang Matalino


Children’s participation in early education and organized learning will result an improved educational outcomes or literacy and self-esteem. Further, educational outcomes could be improved by increasing access to age-appropriate reading or educational materials, participation and enjoyment of reading from an early age. where there is literacy and more books in the home or in school, children more likely to read and therefore likely to do well in school.


  • Percentage of children aged 5-8 years achieving the reading benchmark.
  • Amount of time parents spend reading to their children.
  • Proportion of parents who report reading as an activity that they enjoy doing with their children.


  • Reading hub/center with age-appropriate materials.
  • Reading Class for struggling Readers
  • Literacy and Numeracy Sessions with teacher volunteers.
Batang ligtas

Batang Ligtas


Children living in abusive and harsh environment are at risk of numerous adverse behavioral, developmental, educational and health outcomes as a direct result of the abuse and neglect.


  • Number of children attended the orientation on Republic Act 7610 (Anti Child Abuse Law)
  • Number of children attended the training on School Safety.


  • Orientation on RA 7610
  • Training on School Safety